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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Keepin-It-Fresh Program

Spiess Carpet Cleaning's "Exclusive" Keepin-It-Fresh program is designed for the household that loves to maintain their home to be as clean as possible, 99% Allergen Free, Dust Mite Free throughout the year.  With chemical free cleaning done twice every six to nine months, along with an amazing savings...hundreds of our customers not only enjoy the savings but, their nice clean home as well.

How it works:

Call and schedule an appointment to get your carpets cleaned. We will come and clean your carpets at your scheduled appointment.  At that time you will pay for the cleaning as well as the Keepin-It-Fresh package that will work best for you. We will call you exactly six months later and schedule your second cleaning.  That's it....and the savings is extremely nice.


Keepin-It-Fresh Packages:

Room Area's                        Package Cost (Two Cleanings)                    Savings

3 Room Area's                                    $223.99                                  $55.99

4 Room Area's                                    $271.99                                  $67.99

5 Room Area's                                    $335.99                                  $83.99

6 Room Area's                                    $391.99                                  $87.99

7 Room Area's                                    $463.99                                  $115.99

8 Room Area's                                    $527.99                                 $131.99

9 Room Area's                                    $607.99                                 $151.99

10 Room Area's                                  $671.99                                 $167.99